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About Results

Examples of conditions I’ve successfully treated…

flus migraine headaches pinched nerves
addictions (medications, marijuana)
effects of strokes on speech & mobility
sports injuries poison ivy unemployment
depression anxiety about the future heart attack symptoms high blood pressure growths/tumor
new business startup issues 
chronic fatigue
head injuries chronic grief identity crisis financial insufficiency unjust prosecution underemployment chemical poisoning life-threatening gunshot wound hip injury pregnancy complications artist’s block reproductive cancers surgical injuries fear of flying constipation adolescent-parent relationship issues pet diseases/injuries gall stones eating disorders dysfunctional competition prostate inflammation “childhood diseases”  croup, measles, strep toothache broken bones emotional breakdown inflamed achilles’ tendon bureaucratic impediments fertility issues shingles impaired kidney function

Spiritual Sharing Circle

Listen to a LIVE meeting where people share encouragement, inspiration and healing experiences. Every Wednesday at 7:30pm (EST) — learn more.

Client Comments

These client comments describe individual experiences and results. Everyone’s treatment, experience and results — including yours — will be unique….

“My legs are doing well. In fact,…I signed up to run the Chicago Marathon …and began running four days per week and up to 10 miles on my long run day. I am pretty much pain free …your treatment has been extremely helpful for me.”

— Entrepreneur, Illinois, USA

…I was healed of a twenty-year addiction and of a urinary tract problem.

— Artist & Musician, New York, USA

His work is remarkable…both my children (ages 1 & 5) had complete healings of croup in just one night.

— Working Mother, Kansas, USA

He has been instrumental in healing not only me, but also my daughter and my husband. I have reached out soooo many times to Miles, and he has always been right there…

— Artist, Washington DC, USA

I’ve found his work quite effective. I also feel a great sense of peace and compassion from him, and an ability to listen…

— Financial Services Manager, Connecticut, USA

Miles’ work has been amazingly effective… helping my wife obtain a position after months of unemployment in a shrinking industry…and attracting suitable tenants for our vacant investment property. Most importantly, Miles helped us put God first, the beginning of every solution…

— Financial Professional, California, USA

This healing continues to bring blessings! Working with you has changed my perspective dramatically, and I am so grateful…

— Public Sector Manager, Florida, USA

Working with Miles, I’ve been able to overcome excessive worry and overwhelm. This has resulted in more efficient project execution and greater confidence…

— Business Executive, Texas, USA

“Harbur is unique…I have used a dozen excellent healers over a lifetime. But he is a practitioner/prayer-coach…well-versed in up-to-date Bible research and insights about brain and body function… Have worked with him on multiple life & death threats, complicated things…. Worth the expenditure!”

— Author/ Publisher/ Business executive, Calfornia, USA

…when I started working with you, I finally began to see physical improvement. Prior to that I felt like I was running in place. Thank you!

— Life Coach/ Consultant, New Jersey, USA

Being on this journey we call “life” has thrown me for a few loops. But as I grow in the study and practice of spirituality, then the more I learn what Love is — and the more I learn about being love myself. Working with Miles, there’s no judgment, no criticism, no impatience…and I have actually grown stronger on my own metaphysical feet, and in my trust of the Almighty. I am so grateful!

— Musician/ Entrepreneur, Florida, USA

My experience working with Miles is more then words can say. It is a heart thing, and I am very grateful for his compassion, patience, and understanding of what I needed to hear to progress and then stand firm in spiritual Truth….It has been life changing at a time in my life that was very difficult.

— Health care worker, California, USA

Science & Health

The final chapter of Eddy’s book, Science & Health with Key to the Scriptures, is entitled “Fruitage.” It includes letters from people who were helped and healed as they read and studied the book. Go to this chapter in Science and Health…