Fees & Payment

If you’d like to discuss or try Christian Science treatment…

Call (or text) 561-379-4511 (10am-5pm Eastern time) or
Email me for a complimentary discussion and treatment.

In-Person Appointments

If you’re in the West Palm Beach (FL) area and would like to schedule an appointment at my office (or at Starbucks!), I’d love talk with you…just give me a call at 561-379-4511


The fee for treatment is $45.00 per day.

A day of treatment typically includes a brief (telephone) conversation and mental treatment as described in Mary Baker Eddy’s Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures (learn more — check out the chapter “Christian Science Practice”).

The treatment fee for in-person office appointments is $95.00.


Payment may be made by…

1.  By peer-to-peer payment

2.  Check (paper or online) payable to Miles Harbur CS and mailed to…

Miles Harbur CS
128 Ashley Ct.
Jupiter, FL 33458

3.  Credit card: Click the “Pay Now” button below to make your payment at PayPal’s secure site.

  • Fill in “Price per item” with amount of your payment (you don’t need to fill in “Description“)
  • Click “Continue” (the blue box just below “Price per item”)
  • Click the gray box “Pay With Debit or Credit Card” at the bottom of the screen
  • Fill in your info and click the blue “Pay Now” box at the bottom of the screen

 If you encounter any difficulties using PayPal…just give me a call  at 561-379-4511 — we’ll figure it out!