Spiritual Sharing Circle

Got a problem? Need some positive energy, inspiration or encouragement?

The Spiritual Sharing Circle is a live conference call meeting every Wednesday night at 7:30pm (Eastern Time).

It’s casual, friendly and participatory…with a focus on using ideas in Mary Baker Eddy’s book, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, as spiritual practices.

This one-hour meeting includes music and brief reading from the Bible and from Science and Health, followed by about 40 minutes of sharing by everyone who wishes to.

If you just want to check it out for a few minutes, that’s OK! You can come and go whenever you want — whatever it works best for your schedule.

To participate in, or just listen in, 7:30pm (ET) WEDNESDAY…

Zoom the meeting from your computer or smartphone for the highest quality audio and video (or audio-only) experience, using this link  … https://us02web.zoom.us/j/89882127659

Dial +1 312 626 6799, Meeting ID: 898 8212 7659

Get a weekly reminder about the Circle, including the current conference call phone number code (they occasionally change).  Just call (561-379-4511) or email me and type “Sharing Circle list” in the subject line.

If you prefer to remain anonymous and just listen, it’s simple…just don’t say anything when you’re initially prompted to “please introduce yourself” by the automated voice.

And any time you’d like to, the other people on the call would love to hear your inspiration, encouragement or experience of healing!

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