Spirit is ALWAYS Talking to You

No matter how sick or financially desperate or lonely you’re feeling today–you’re actually in a great position. You’ve got the innate capacity to experience direct messaging from infinite Spirit, the source of all health, intelligence, happiness and success! Spirit is messaging you each moment, speaking directly to your consciousness—to your … Continue reading

Spirituality is About Growth, not Recession

The r-word, recession, is HOT. The news, the presidential primaries, even chats with friends get wrapped up in it. The recession buzz can feel like a big load…especially if you need a job, have an escalating mortgage payment, or have built up credit card debt! Recession is a collective mindset … Continue reading

Spiritual Energy for Abundant Employment

Here are three spiritual facts to consider if you’re unemployed, underemployed, lacking clients–or worried about the possibility of any of these. A spiritual fact is something that infinite Spirit already knows with specificity, certainty and energy. Practice these facts in your mind during the day today. Acknowledge their truth, receive … Continue reading

More Financial Wellness

The markets—stock, housing or employment—go up and down, and each of us sometimes feels vulnerable about, or actually hurt by these economic cycles. Here’s an idea that can give you more peace about market conditions and your own situation. It can also bring you more successful, constructive financial outcomes. Your … Continue reading