A Spiritual Practice for More Hope

Are you feeling hopeless, lost, or overwhelmed today? Maybe you’ve been sick for a long time, or a relationship with a friend or family member has hardened. Maybe your career is tanking, or maybe it’s the way the Middle East always seems to find a new turn for the worse. … Continue reading

Spirit-mind-body healing– Experiencing Positive Energy

“Spirit-mind-body healing” describes the links of causality in healing the body or the mind through spiritual means. It starts with infinite Spirit, spiritualizing the human mind and emotions, which results in physical healing. In my practice, I’ve found that the safest and most comprehensive way to beneficially affect the body … Continue reading

Don’t give up– Bad Days (even bad weeks & YEARS) Can Bless You!

Total catastrophe! Every possession lost. After 25 successful years in business, our life savings, the equity in our house and our three teenage sons’ college fund…gone. Even more hurtful, it was a theft– stolen through a fraudulent investment perpetrated by someone who we thought was a devoted, spiritually-minded friend! That … Continue reading

More Confidence about Your Health

When our body (or parts of it) is sick, it can be scary. Maybe you just got a medical diagnosis, or maybe you’re thinking about your cells, viruses or organs doing dysfunctional things or deteriorating. You’ll be less afraid if you meditate on the action of divine, infinite Love. Contemplate … Continue reading