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Spirit-mind-body healing– Experiencing Positive Energy

“Spirit-mind-body healing” describes the links of causality in healing the body or the mind through spiritual means. It starts with infinite Spirit, spiritualizing the human mind and emotions, which results in physical healing.

In my practice, I’ve found that the safest and most comprehensive way to beneficially affect the body is through the mind, through consciousness. But when we’re sick, consciousness is full of negative energy like fear, frustration, discouragement, even anger over the injustice of our illness– qualities that accentuate suffering.

So healing is about a reversal of these negatives through the accession of spiritual energy, which is always positive— qualities like peace, gratitude, and confidence in our ability to gain increasing control over our own body and experience. You have within you an innate ability to practice these kinds of positive qualities because you are connected to infinite Spirit, divine Love, which is inherently positive. These qualities or feelings of Spirit, entertained in the mind and practiced during the day, act to heal the body and emotions.

In Science and Health with Key to Scriptures, Mary Baker Eddy writes,

“Spirit is positive.”
“The body is not controlled scientifically by a negative mind.”

(click to see first passage on line 13, then second passage on line 24, in context)

For more than 15 years, I’ve been fortunate enough to be in the profession of helping people experience positive Spirit more fully, along with the associated health benefits.

I’d love to help you, should you feel a need…