Use Mind to Help Your Body

For decades, medical scientists have been experimenting with what happens when the mind associates a harmless sensory concoction – a colorful, aromatic drink, for example — with a medication,  by repetitively taking them at the same time. It has come into focus more recently that after a few weeks of … Continue reading

More Authority over Your Mind

Do you sometimes feel trapped by intrusive or habitual thoughts, emotions, images? If you’ve tried changing your mind from the inside, try this practice of exercising authority over it from the outside. Like a sculptor. Picture in your mind how sculptors work– they move and chisel outside and above the … Continue reading

Spirit is ALWAYS Talking to You

No matter how sick or financially desperate or lonely you’re feeling today–you’re actually in a great position. You’ve got the innate capacity to experience direct messaging from infinite Spirit, the source of all health, intelligence, happiness and success! Spirit is messaging you each moment, speaking directly to your consciousness—to your … Continue reading

Bring Spirit’s Regulation to Your Body

Is a particular function or part of your body giving you problems? Recognize that, even though the human mind sees these bodily functions as physical, God, the divine Mind, sees them as spiritual qualities, capacities or functions. And His government of that function is an active, intelligent energy that you … Continue reading

A New Relationship with Your Body

Feeling like a prisoner in your body? We generally entertain the perception that we live IN–inside of–our bodies. The problem with this perception is that when we feel “in” something, we also tend to feel that it controls us. Here’s a way to start reversing this perception today…and improving your health! … Continue reading

Energize Your Employment

Feeling isolated or stagnant? Remember this: you’re an active element of a system—a connected, moving symphony of spiritual individuals, acting in concerted purpose. The creative, energizing intelligence of this system is infinite Spirit, the divine Mind. It is already a spiritual fact that you are connected, needed, in-demand, fulfilling a … Continue reading

Live Affluently Today

At this very moment, divine Love is providing you an ever-present flow of intelligent energy, spiritual qualities and capacities, coming to you directly and specifically. This flow–the basis of the word “affluence”–is your source of provision today. To utilize this source, act upon, make profitable use of, and generously give of the … Continue reading

Making Peace in Yourself

Many types of disease represent conflicts within the body—malignant cells, attacking viruses, over-reacting immune responses. Here’s a spiritual practice that can be part of calming and healing these conflict-based diseases (as well as other kinds of conflict in life!). Jesus said that we’d be happy/prosperous/well if we act as “peace-makers”— … Continue reading

Spirituality is About Growth, not Recession

The r-word, recession, is HOT. The news, the presidential primaries, even chats with friends get wrapped up in it. The recession buzz can feel like a big load…especially if you need a job, have an escalating mortgage payment, or have built up credit card debt! Recession is a collective mindset … Continue reading

Everything Can Get Better

The situation you’re in today can be improved and transformed into a blessing. The physical or emotional disease that you or a loved one are experiencing can be relieved and healed. Why?Because you’re surrounded by infinite, all-powerful, beneficent Spirit. Spirit’s intention for you is all and only good, loving and … Continue reading

Re-direct Your Mind and Body with Love

Whether a disease is psychological or physical, its effect on us has to do with some function of the body being mis-directed. Auto-immune disorders, clinical depression and cancer are all examples of a bodily system—the immune system, brain or cells–being improperly directed or governed. You can change physiological mis-direction with … Continue reading

Get More from Spiritual Practices

Spiritual practices like prayer, affirmation, spiritual reasoning, and living spiritual qualities with diligence can be effective tools for healing body and mind. As with most tools, we get more out of them when we recognize WHY they work. Spiritual practices work because they open our human consciousness to recognize, feel … Continue reading

Spiritual Practices Help Resolve Legal Problems

If you or someone you care about is a subject of legal proceedings, what’s in your/their consciousness is a primary determinant of the outcome. How so? Consciousness determines how we respond to adversarial situations, such as legal accusation, investigation or trial. And the more constructive our responses (in emotion, intention, … Continue reading

Your Spiritual Power to Let Go

When you’re struggling with a disease, a challenging relationship, or even a financial problem, it’s pretty easy to feel kind of helpless. Like some malicious power, or situation, or person, is taking advantage of you or hurting you. Try out this idea: the difficulty and harmfulness of the disease or … Continue reading

The Power of Your Thoughts

When it comes to doing good things with your life, and to keeping or restoring your health, remember that it is your thoughts—including attitudes, expectations, self-concepts, qualities of character, feelings, emotions—that ultimately determine your outcomes. What an incredible power! Each of us is learning more about this power and how … Continue reading

Spirit is Giving You What You Really Want

You’ve been created to be continuously blessed. Blessing means: to regard with great favor, to make happy or satisfied, to confer prosperity upon. It goes back to the nature of Spirit Himself/Herself as utterly good, abundant and embracingly kind. It also goes back to your true self, your inner spiritual … Continue reading

Mental Illness Healing Practices

Mental illnesses– depression, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, etc.– can feel pretty hopeless to those looking for healing through mental means. The human mind, or brain, itself seems like the problem– so how can the mind restore itself to balance? Here are two spiritual practices to improve mental health. First: all healing, … Continue reading

Relating to Spirit

No matter what needs healing in your life– health, relationship, finances– what you need in order to improve things is an improvement in your consciousness. This improvement could be a fuller capacity to love, or greater self-confidence, or maybe a little clearer grasp of harmony as it relates to a … Continue reading

Healthy Images

“Disease” usually means that bodily functions or cellular processes are behaving in confused, unregulated, or destructive ways. Perhaps unhealthy pathogens aren’t being clearly recognized or effectively neutralized. Or maybe healthy structures are being erroneously attacked by the body’s own immune system. Bodily processes are ultimately regulated by our perception, which … Continue reading

Death is Transition, not End

The death of someone you love is one of the darkest hours of life. Their life is just done? That’s all there is to it? And what about me? Losing a family member or close friend feels worse than losing your arm. Grieving about losing someone you love is normal … Continue reading


Loving yourself more actively helps resolve all sorts of problems. It contributes to healing any disease, whether physical or emotional. You don’t need a logical human reason to love yourself. You’re entitled to do it because it’s your Source’s nature to love. Because of this nature, Mary Baker Eddy uses … Continue reading

Healing Undefined Anxieties & Insecurities

Sometimes just turning your thoughts and feelings over to the divine Mind and drawing on His positive, intelligent energy is enough to remove emotional discomfort that has no evident cause. If this spiritual practice isn’t relieving you of what you’re feeling today, take another step. Recognize that most of the … Continue reading

More Obedient = More Productive

The little partnership that had employed me suddenly dissolved. Our cash flow was getting tight. How would I support my wife and three young children? What seemed to complicate everything was that I’d left well-paid, high-benefits corporate management to be in this new venture. My wife and I had felt … Continue reading

There’s ALWAYS a Next Step

You’ve prayed, meditated, listened and walked-your-talk. But the problem you’re trying to solve seems as big as ever. What can you do? There’s always a next step. Always, always, always…because Spirit is infinite. She isn’t facing the limits you’re feeling. She’s already completely outside of and beyond your current problem. … Continue reading