Spirituality Enhances Guidance for Today’s Decisions

Divine intelligence surrounds you and me. It’s insightful, penetrating, creative, specific, balanced, happy, beautiful, playful and all-knowing. I’m finding that when I consciously tune into this divine Mind when I’m making personal or business decisions, I get guidance that in some way embodies these awesome qualities.

How does this work? I’ll tell you two things I’ve learned so far.

First, you really do have to intentionally tune in. You have to listen with your mind and heart. When I’m making an important decision, I try to go often (like every hour or so, for a minute or two) to an emotional place apart from distractions like fear of failure or automatically outlined outcomes. I don’t ignore other people’s input, or what I’ve learned from prior experiences, or common sense in my decisions. But for these few moments every hour or two, I put everything aside except listening to infinite Mind, who knows what’s best for me.

Second, you have to be ready for how spiritual guidance comes. Don’t feel like you’ve got to hear a voice from the sky, or be struck with a physically obvious sign. That might happen, but it seems like for most people (including me), guidance comes oftener through intuitions about what to do. These intuitions sometimes come to me in gentle, recurring waves, opening my mind. Lots of times these waves of intuition don’t lay out a grand plan, but just the next step.

And when you’re focused on just trying to do the right thing, and ending up in the right place, just the next step is enough!

I can help with applying this guidance process. Check out Mary Baker Eddy’s ideas on prayer to get more on this practice.


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