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Your Spirituality Isn’t Aging

OK, I don’t have a magical anti-aging formula, but I have found some ideas and practices that can help you a lot if you use them.

They all involve improving–specifically, spiritualizing–the signals or instructions that your mind sends your body. This practice works because spirituality involves ageless energy, painless movement, flexible strength derived from the infinite Spirit, who doesn’t age or wear out. Because He, or She, is your creator, you already have within you a capacity to instruct your body toward more of His/Her agelessness!

A few years ago I began to get periodically aching joints. Not all the time, but sometimes at night. Then about a year ago, a pain in a hip I once injured woke me up. To me that meant that my mind, probably subconsiously, was somehow giving consent to a recurring pain there, maybe even deterioration.

I decided to try to more consciously influence this subconscious thought process, and impose upon it a few instructions that were more spiritual. First, I reminded myself and my thoughts about my hip that Spirit is ageless, flexible, moving and powerful. Never getting creaky. I also instructed my body-thoughts that Spirit didn’t get injured. And I realized that Spirit, or divine Love, was at that moment, supporting this kind of more spiritual, enlightened instructing that I was doing.

The pain went away in about 10 minutes. I still experience joint pain sometimes, but it happens much less frequently than it used to. And this type of spiritual instructing usually stops it quickly.

In Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, Mary Baker Eddy says,

“To remove the error producing disorder, you must calm and instruct mortal mind with immortal Truth.”
(Emphasis added– click here to read this passage in context–look for line 24).

That’s the kind of instructing I was doing.

If you’d like me to help you try this, give me a call or email.