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Spiritual Reconstruction

Really important things can get injured, worn out or broken– —things like relationships, finances, and bodily organs/functions.

Lucky for all of us, appropriate spiritual practices stimulate reconstruction in these areas. These practices are based on one key fact– —that infinite Spirit is producing spiritual images, ideas, qualities, feelings and capacities that you can embrace to produce a better functioning body, a more productive relationship, or a sufficiency of finances– —today.

Remember?…our emotions and perceptions form conditions in our bodies, our relationships and our finances. So acknowledge that Spirit is reproducing in your consciousness, now, a clearer conception of the spiritual ideas and laws needed to reconstruct the specific bodily part or function that’s troubling you. Accept that Spirit, being all-knowing and all-creating, knows exactly the ideas you need to achieve this, and is communicating them to you now.

Remind yourself at least 5 times today (every couple of hours) that out of her own completeness, Spirit is supplying the unselfed, forgiving love and vision that enable you to take the next step in healing a wounded friendship. Embrace in your conviction that Spirit is giving you the understanding to dissolve whatever emotions or beliefs are blocking the creativity and confidence that will open up your career and finances.

In Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, Mary Baker Eddy explains in depth this linkage of Spirit-mind-body, or Spirit-mind- relationship, or Spirit-mind-finances. Here’’s one example of her ideas on this subject…

“…mental and moral chemistry changes the material base of thought, giving more spirituality to consciousness and causing it to depend less on material evidence. These changes which go on in mortal mind serve to RECONSTRUCT the body.” (click here to read this passage in context)

I’m a specialist in reconstruction through spiritual means, and I’’d love to work with you.