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Healing Undefined Anxieties & Insecurities

Sometimes just turning your thoughts and feelings over to the divine Mind and drawing on His positive, intelligent energy is enough to remove emotional discomfort that has no evident cause.

If this spiritual practice isn’t relieving you of what you’re feeling today, take another step. Recognize that most of the human mind is subconscious– ignorant of itself and its own activity. If you’re feeling anxious or depressed, these emotions may be the result of subconscious mental habits that started years ago, maybe even in very young childhood. These habits probably resulted from a traumatic situation, or from what someone did or said to you, at a time when you were emotionally defenseless.

It’s the first part of a powerful spiritual practice to become aware that your emotional discomfort today may have nothing to do with today’s circumstances, and that you don’t deserve to be burdened with it.

Of these subconscious emotional habits, Mary Baker Eddy writes in her book, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures,

“This mortal blindness and its sharp consequences show our need of divine metaphysics. Through immortal Mind, or Truth, we can destroy all ills which proceed from mortal mind.” (click here to read this passage in the book)

Eddy’s words suggest the second part of this practice. Right now, nurture your sense of self, your prospects, your expectations, your relationship to infinite Mind and to others, and your place in the universe by accepting what the all-conscious Mind is feeling for you right at this moment. Embrace His total ACCEPTANCE of, CONFIDENCE in and DELIGHT with you, as His own unique spiritual creation.

Let me know if you’d like further support in this practice…