Let Spirit Act on Your Consciousness

Acknowledge and enlist the energy– the focused, directive power– of the one, divine Mind, or infinite Spirit, acting on and within your consciousness right now.

Feel Mind’s love calming your fears. Feel His confidence and control undermining your insecurity. Feel His harmony and order reigning-in your chaos and distraction.

To get the most out of all the good that Mind is doing for you right now, practice this for a minute or two several times today.

In her amazing book of spiritual insights and practices, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, Mary Baker Eddy explains this kind of spiritual practice:

“…the divine Mind makes perfect, acts upon the so-called human mind through truth, leads the human mind to relinquish all error….” (click here to read)

If you’d like professional support in this practice, give me a call or email…I’d love to help!


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