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Spiritualizzzze & Feel Better!

It’s now mainstream: spiritualizing your consciousness has an immediate, positive effect on your health, happiness and well-being. What does “spiritualize” mean? How do you do it?

One answer is that “spiritualizing” means to make our thinking and feeling express more of the qualities, character, movement, energy and activity of Spirit. It’s not intellectualizing about Spirit. It’s doing the best we can today to perceive, think, feel and act more the way that Spirit, divine Love, is doing, right now.

Check these opportunity areas to spiritualize your consciousness…

1 My self-concept: Confident or self-condemning? Expectant of blessing, or doubtful? Joyful or cynical?

2 My sense of my place in the universe: Specifically known by Spirit, or vague? Established by my Creator as divine law, or only a possibility? Indispensable, or insignificant and marginalized?

3 My connections with others: Engaged or isolated? Giving or getting? Supportive or critical? Self-reliant or dependent?

Here’s a spiritual practice. For the each of the next few days, pick the first quality or condition in one of the pairs above. Then make a point of taking an action that you feel expresses it in some way, at least three times during that day. Be experimental and flexible, not technical or perfectionist about this practice.

In Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, Mary Baker Eddy makes the point that spiritualization of consciousness will make you feel better…

“The body improves under the same regimen which spiritualizes the thought …” (click here to read)

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