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You’re Spiritually Structured

If you’ve got a deteriorating joint, aching back or damaged bodily function, how you think about your body makes all the difference in how your body feels and functions.

Here’s what I mean. Our human minds habitually think of our selves, our bodies, as physical structures, operating under the guidance of biochemical and bioelectrical processes.

But that’s not how Spirit sees you or your structure. Spirit has already created you spiritually. Spirit sees you, right this moment, as a structure of spiritual ideas, qualities and capacities—healthy, well, whole, free, energized, powerful, graceful, loved and loving.

Unaided by spiritual sense, the human mind misinterprets your spiritual structure– the one God has already created as you— as limited and physical. But supported by such spiritual practices as affirmative prayer or spiritual listening, the human mind is touched by the Spirit, and begins to get the feeling that what it sees as a physical structure is in reality a healthy, spiritual structure. Glimpses of this spiritual fact cause physical healing.

Speaking of this healing process of spiritualization of the human mind, Mary Baker Eddy wrote in her book Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures,

“Working out the rules of Science in practice, the author has restored health in cases of both acute and chronic disease in their severest forms. Secretions have been changed, the structure has been renewed, shortened limbs have been elongated, ankylosed joints have been made supple, and carious bones have been restored to healthy conditions.” (Click here to read)

I’d be delighted to help you experience a greater degree of this healing insight and its physical results…

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