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One Way to Stop Suffering

When we’re suffering, we see no end to our problem(s). They seem like mountains– imposing and immoveable.

The most effective place to start alleviating the suffering is in our perception. For example, through fear, guilt, anger or frustration, we inadvertently amplify our problems and weaken our capacity to respond with greater clarity, authority and success.

Here’s one way to stop suffering. Your human problems are transitory. Trust me on this. Act now to CHOOSE. Use your God-given intention to CHOOSE your perception to a better place, to a more spiritual place. This is possible for you to do, because perception is thought. Your thought.

Infinite Spirit is talking with you right at this moment. She’s saying something like, “I love you more than you can imagine. Right now. I am giving you every intuition and mental quality you need to resolve this so-called ‘mountain’ of a problem. To Me, this mountain is no big deal. Mentally stay with Me, and I promise you’ll be successful.”

This kind of positive, spiritual thinking is spiritually scientific. Mary Baker Eddy writes about the science of it in her book, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures. (click here to read it now). She says that using this Christian Science– like when you intentionally choose your perception toward a more spiritual place– has powerful effects on your life and its outcomes:

“Science inevitably lifts one’s being higher in the scale of harmony and happiness.” (click here to read this in the book)

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