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***Employment Opportunity***

I’ve been unemployed or underemployed several times in my life. Getting successfully through these tough times is often about gaining the emotional stability necessary to be able to recognize & take advantage of employment opportunities that you might otherwise miss. And this means not getting lost in fear, shame, insecurity about your capabilities, anger about your previous job, etc.

Here are a few ideas I’ve worked with to emotionally nurture, strengthen and stabilize myself. If you’re feeling edgy about finding better (or just finding) employment, try embracing these spiritual ideas for a few moments now….

You are eminently employable because the infinite Mind is employing you. Right this moment. He created you to express himself in a specific, important, unique, indispensable way. And He continues to hold you in infinite consciousness, sustaining in you such valuable qualities as intelligence, acuity, compassion, cooperation, persistence, creativity and energy.

This means that He needs you and supplies your capabilities to satisfy his own need for self-expression. So there is a spiritual basis of underlying, powerful demand for you, for your character, for your unique way of being and doing. This demand is unaffected by economic or hiring cycles, your age, even your education.

Mary Baker Eddy‘s Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures has lots of employment-supporting ideas and practices. Here’s one I like….click this link and check out lines 23 through 5 on the next page.

If you’d like some help with finding employment or expanding your career, I’d be delighted to work with you…


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