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Always a Way to Move Forward

Have you been feeling discouraged? Trying to spiritually heal a part of your life– maybe a chronic illness, an addiction or bad habit, or a relationship with a family member or friend– and feeling “stuck”?

Here’s an idea to use right now. At least five times today, take a minute or two to be present with the fact that divine intelligence is communicating to you, now, EXACTLY the inspiration, new idea, evolving vision of your situation, or developing qualities of character that you need to make your next step of progress.

This specifically customized, spiritual enlightenment is a present resource to you, because Spirit is constantly sharing with you everything She feels, knows, sees and does. Yes…everything! All her love, all her intelligence, all her insightfulness, all her beauty, all her peace, all her well-being and harmony of structure and process.

Jesus made this point when he said, “The Father loves the son and shows him everything that He Himself does.” (John 5:20) Mary Baker Eddy makes a similar point in her book, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures. She writes that each of us is

“…the compound idea of God, including all right ideas;… [and] reflects spiritually all that belongs to his Maker.” (click here to read this passage in context)

What you actually need is expanded ideas, qualities, or capacities…and divine Love is presenting them to you every moment.

If you’d like help with this spiritual practice, email me or give me a call.


4 thoughts on “Always a Way to Move Forward”

  1. Thank you Miles for this wonderful thought! It was very helpful and applicable to what I am dealing right now!

  2. thankyou,Miles for your healing and timely messages. It is really wonderful to be able to turn on my computer and receive your daily spiritual nourishment….Love, Abigail and Lauder(!)

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