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Build Up Your Immunity

One of the best things you can do to stay healthier is strengthening your immune system. If you’re looking for more ways to do this, here’s an idea: regularly practice spiritual qualities like joy, gratitude and love. By “regularly practice” I mean embracing and expressing these qualities intentionally & creatively as part of your daily outlook and details. Working them into your lifestyle.

Why will this work for you? The most common (& self-imposed!) suppressants of immunity are negative emotions: fear, stress, anger, anxiety, guilt. When you’re feeling these, your perceptions are telling the body that you’re in danger or trouble. So as a result, blood, oxygen, etc. are sent to your arms and legs (so you can run away fast, or fight this perceived danger!) at the expense of other important functions– like your immune system.

When you intention and practice love, or honestly and persistently express joy or gratitude, you are actively moving your perceptions from negative to positive. And one way the body responds to this change is to nurture your immune system.

This is both curative and preventative spiritual healing. It is a scientific practice, because it produces positive, replicatable physiological results for anyone who does it.

Mary Baker Eddy was a pioneer thinker in this field of spiritual healing. She wrote,

“A material body only expresses a material and mortal mind. A mortal man possesses this body, and he makes it harmonious or discordant according to the images of thought impressed upon it. You embrace your body in your thought, and you should delineate upon it thoughts of health, not of sickness…. It is the mortal belief which makes the body discordant and diseased in proportion as ignorance, fear, or human will governs mortals.”

Click here to read the complete passage in context in her book, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures.

Your innate connection with Spirit–the ultimate cause over mind and body–is the basis of your immunity, and of the method I’ve been practicing professionally since 1990. I’d be delighted to help you use Eddy’s Spirit-mind-body approach more effectively in your life!


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  1. Love that…I’m totally going to embrace that right now. It’s perfect for the start of the school year with so much talk about contagious illness.

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