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Feel Spirit’s Delight

There are lots of times when it’s appropriate, necessary and healing to feel Spirit’s delight– including her specific delight with you.

Spirit is all-intelligent Love, which has created you in his/her own image and likeness. This infinite being knows you in detail, just as she created you. She formed your unique character and way of being and doing as a unique, indispensable expression of herself. So OF COURSE she’s delighted and utterly satisfied with you!

Been feeling depressed, guilty, self-condemning, insecure, or self-hating? Start getting better now by acknowledging that divine Love is seeing you and feeling about you differently– very differently– than you’re feeling about yourself.

Take a minute now. Turn away from whatever craziness or fear or negative energy you’re dealing with, and allow yourself to feel divine Love’s unconditional acceptance of and delight with you…no matter how awkward this feeling seems…no matter how much of a mess you’ve made of something. Imagine her saying something like, “I love you. You’re precious to me. The way I created you makes me so happy!”

Do this often during the day, and feel the healing effects in your emotions and body.

Click this to read an excerpt of one person’s feelings of Spirit’s acceptance as she read Mary Baker Eddy‘s ideas in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures. Click here to check out another passage in the book about Spirit’s satisfaction with you.

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