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More Obedient = More Productive

The little partnership that had employed me suddenly dissolved. Our cash flow was getting tight. How would I support my wife and three young children?

What seemed to complicate everything was that I’d left well-paid, high-benefits corporate management to be in this new venture. My wife and I had felt very guided– impelled, actually– to move away from corporate employment into something closer to self-employment, more in line with our specific individual talents and life goals. And even though this first attempt hadn’t worked out, we felt we had to keep moving with this guidance. But I had to get productively employed– get results & income– fast.

In Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, Mary Baker Eddy makes the point that greater creativity and productivity are linked to greater obedience: obedience to the guidance of infinite, all-intelligent Spirit, which she refers to as the divine “Mind”:

“In God’s creation ideas became productive, obedient to Mind.” (emphasis added…click here to read this passage in her book)

As I worked through this panicky situation, I got a sense that to be “obedient to Mind” meant to take daily, sometimes humble, uncomfortable steps toward employment.

For example, my wife suggested that I start a management consulting practice. At first, I resisted in insecurity; but then I obediently listened. A few days later, I took a little step of calling friends who were doing consulting of various kinds to draw on their experience. Even though they weren’t particularly encouraging, I felt that another obedient step (also my wife’s idea!) was to start calling acquaintances in business to let them know I was starting a consulting practice and to discuss how I might help them.

The big point is that as I intentioned to live in more detailed obedience, submission, to divine Mind’s directive intuitions– to humbly take little steps and to listen to my family and friends, even though I felt insecure and fearful about doing something I’d never believed that I could do– to start my own business– things began to work out. In fact, I was actually up and running with clients within a month or two!

Try this spiritual practice of daily obedience in your next step in life…and let me know if I can help.


3 thoughts on “More Obedient = More Productive”

  1. Super inspiring!
    It’s not always easy to listen to that voice that tells you to go against the “mainstream” thought about jobs and career choices…

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