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Expand Your Possibilities NOW

Feeling dead-ended, out of options, arrested in your development? This limited feeling is always related to limited perception, to thinking within the four-dimensional world of physical space and time.

Now I’d like you to try expanding your perception. There are, right now, dimensions of YOUR life, being and perception that are way beyond your sensory limits.

Spiritual love– unselfed, tender and powerful– is from these broader dimensions. Recognize the warm immediacy of this love. Participate in it and practice it– STOP reading this blog, and do something unselfish, right now. Acts of unselfed love connect you with the Source of love. They move your perceptions out of old, stale doldrums, open doors in your emotions and mind, and unfold next steps of peace, happiness and progress in your life’s work and contribution.

OK, now you can continue reading! 😉 Love doesn’t have its origin in the brain or in any of the four conventional dimensions. It comes from the infinite Spirit-being, or divine Love itself. Mary Baker Eddy’s book, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, is filled with practical approaches to connecting with this…

“…infinite, incorporeal Love, to whom all things are possible.” (Click here to read)

Click here for another spiritual practice to expand your sense of possibilities

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