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Making Your Diet Work

The basic problem with dieting is our appetite…right? We get the munchies, go back for an extra portion, or supersize a #4 with extra cheese. Excessive appetite urges us to eat more than is necessary to sustain an appropriate body weight or waist.

In her book Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, Mary Baker Eddy offers a powerful insight for successful dieting:

“Appetite…reside[s] in mortal mind, not in matter.” (click here to read)

Unfulfilled emotions—deep hurts, low self-esteem, frustrations, fear– what Eddy calls “mortal mind” make us feel needy, trying to fill the hole in our soul. So we try to calm these emotions with food, which doesn’t work. But we keep trying… and supersizing ourselves as a result.

Meditating on spiritual ideas makes dieting more successful by getting at the root of excessive appetite. Eddy’s book (to read it now, just click here) offers and explains such ideas on every page. The practice of spiritual qualities balances, centers, energizes, unselfs and satisfies consciousness by strengthening our sense of oneness with infinite Spirirt, or divine Love.

Eddy also describes in Science and Health a form of spiritual therapy, or treatment, that can help you address unfulfilled emotions. I’ve been practicing this method professionally for over 15 years. I’d be delighted to discuss it with you!

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