Mental Illness Healing Practices

Mental illnesses– depression, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, etc.– can feel pretty hopeless to those looking for healing through mental means. The human mind, or brain, itself seems like the problem– so how can the mind restore itself to balance?

Here are two spiritual practices to improve mental health.

First: all healing, restorative energy comes from infinite Spirit, the divine Mind. Not from the brain. Practice recognizing and feeling that you, or whomever you’re helping, has a spiritual source of balanced, healthy intelligence and mental function outside the body. This source, divine Mind, is always communicating its creative, orderly, healthy thoughts to each of us. And each of us has been created with the peace and power to listen, and to give increasing priority to these thoughts from Spirit.

Second: the brain is just another organ. It’s not really our mind. So it is susceptible of spiritual healing—restored to normal chemistry and function—through spiritualized consciousness, just as much as the heart, lungs, muscles or other tissues.

Accept the fact today that your individual consciousness is created and sustained by the divine Mind, beyond and above the physical brain. Intentionally use this spiritual awareness to recognize yourself or your friend as able to experience healing of brain function, just as they can with any other organ.

Mary Baker Eddy was a spiritual pioneer in the area of mental health. If you click here and type the word brain into the upper box, you can read every passage which includes that word in her book, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures.

One of my favorites says understanding that infinite Spirit is the source of all mental function and intelligence…

“… makes the body harmonious; it makes the nerves, … brain, etc., servants, instead of masters.” (Click to read this in the book)


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