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Making Peace in Yourself

Many types of disease represent conflicts within the body—malignant cells, attacking viruses, over-reacting immune responses. Here’s a spiritual practice that can be part of calming and healing these conflict-based diseases (as well as other kinds of conflict in life!).

Jesus said that we’d be happy/prosperous/well if we act as “peace-makers”— producers of peace. He literally made peace through actions like calming storms that threatened community safety, and healing people who were experiencing aggessive emotional disturbance.

The Master seemed to literally embrace the people involved in these situations in a powerful, immediate sense of God’s love and control. His confidence in God enabled them to feel a heightened awareness of God’s all-encompassing government of harmony, going on at that very moment.

You can practice this same kind of peace-making within your self. The cells of your body, your immune system—every bodily function—are directed and governed by your thoughts and emotions. So take moments today to make peace in yourself by feeling divine Love’s peace—the same peace Jesus drew upon to calm the storm and mental illness.

In these meditative moments, feel your whole being under God’s peaceful control. Consciously submit your thoughts about your self, your possibilities, your life-purpose, your relationships, to the adjusting government of divine Love’s harmony and well-being.

Mary Baker Eddy explains this peace-making practice in her book Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures….

If man is governed by the law of divine Mind, his body is in submission to everlasting Life and Truth and Love. (click to read this in the book now)

You have an innate ability to make peace in yourself because you are the creation of God, divine Love. Call or email me if you’d like specific help in developing this ability….

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2 thoughts on “Making Peace in Yourself”

  1. A friend of mine (in atlanta) sent me (in LA)this article. It is also proof that ideas are linked instantly to “like” ideas. When the ideas of peace like this show up in our life-like through your blog-
    then it grows more peace.

    Your peace tree is growing in Redondo Beach this morning! Thanks.Lynne Pope

  2. I totally agree. Mind, Spirit, Sout, Principle, Life, Truth, Love embraces all, comforts all, and holds all in infinite harmony.

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