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We Can Truly Love and Make Things Better…


It is SO TEMPTING to react to highly-publicized, misguided/evil/insane acts with

  • fear
  • anger
  • exclusivity
  • stereotyping
  • divisiveness
  • easy promises
  • self-righteousness

Today, let’s consciously resist and release this temptation.  

Instead, let’s feel the action of God, divine Love,…

  • destroying the self-loathing of potential suicide-shooters,
  • dissolving the exclusivity and divisiveness of terrorist groups and some politicians, and
  • diminishing the temptation to live in despair, anger, fear of victimization, and paralysis in reaction to these negative influences.
…just as you have many members in one physical body and those members differ in their functions, so we, though many in number, compose one body in Christ and are all members of one another.  (Romans 12:5 JBP)

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