Learn to Master Your Body through Spirituality

Your feelings, thoughts, beliefs, assumptions, emotions and expectations literally steer your body. Every cell, organ and function, every chemical or electrical communication is informed and instructed by your consciousness. So use this power to bless yourself by practicing Spirit-consciousness! Right at this moment, infinite, intelligent Love, God, is giving you … Continue reading

An Example of Spirituality vs. Recession

guest blogger: Chris Harbur (actor, NY city) …how a working actor applies spirituality to find immediate employment I moved to New York 5 months ago after finishing a Children’s Musical Theater national tour which took me to a different town every week so I had no overhead. For the first … Continue reading

Practice FEELING Good

You already know that FEELING more connected with divine Love– not just in your intellect, but in your heart– will heal your illness, resolve your problem, or fill the void of emotional dysfunction. So how can you get that feeling? One way is to PRACTICE it. You’re actually capable of … Continue reading

One Way to Stop Suffering

When we’re suffering, we see no end to our problem(s). They seem like mountains– imposing and immoveable. The most effective place to start alleviating the suffering is in our perception. For example, through fear, guilt, anger or frustration, we inadvertently amplify our problems and weaken our capacity to respond with … Continue reading

Redefine Your Mind

You already know that happiness, stress relief AND physical wellness result from changes in your mind. But how do you get free from the mind’s sick, repetitive, depressing or stressed patterns of thought and reaction? One way is to redefine what you think of as your mind. Our “mind” is … Continue reading

A Spiritual Practice: Tend Your Thoughts

Thinking that is balanced, joyful, grateful or loving improves emotional and physical health. It restores the immune system, reduces pain, and restores flexibility to muscles and joints. I can hear someone saying, “…but I feel miserable and victimized. How could I possibly get more positive about my life?” Here’s a … Continue reading

You’re Spiritually Structured

If you’ve got a deteriorating joint, aching back or damaged bodily function, how you think about your body makes all the difference in how your body feels and functions. Here’s what I mean. Our human minds habitually think of our selves, our bodies, as physical structures, operating under the guidance … Continue reading

Spiritualizzzze & Feel Better!

It’s now mainstream: spiritualizing your consciousness has an immediate, positive effect on your health, happiness and well-being. What does “spiritualize” mean? How do you do it? One answer is that “spiritualizing” means to make our thinking and feeling express more of the qualities, character, movement, energy and activity of Spirit. … Continue reading

GET BLESSED– Practice Gratitude

You’ve GOT to try this. It’s simple, transforming and gets results. A couple of months ago, our son Chris (check out his hilarious on-the-road blog) started doing something every night before bed. He journals three things from the day that he’s grateful for. Three. Every night. Without fail. I love … Continue reading

Expand Your Possibilities NOW

Feeling dead-ended, out of options, arrested in your development? This limited feeling is always related to limited perception, to thinking within the four-dimensional world of physical space and time. Now I’d like you to try expanding your perception. There are, right now, dimensions of YOUR life, being and perception that … Continue reading

Watching as a Spiritual Practice

The old saying, “What you don’t know can’t hurt you” is sooo wrong! Subconscious beliefs, operating unseen in our minds, do all sorts of destructive things. Like forgotten or semi-forgotten memories of mistreatment or abandonment that cause us to be angry, defensive or guilty without understanding why. We may think … Continue reading

Let Spirit Act on Your Consciousness

Acknowledge and enlist the energy– the focused, directive power– of the one, divine Mind, or infinite Spirit, acting on and within your consciousness right now. Feel Mind’s love calming your fears. Feel His confidence and control undermining your insecurity. Feel His harmony and order reigning-in your chaos and distraction. To … Continue reading