A Spiritual Practice: Tend Your Thoughts

Thinking that is balanced, joyful, grateful or loving improves emotional and physical health. It restores the immune system, reduces pain, and restores flexibility to muscles and joints. I can hear someone saying, “…but I feel miserable and victimized. How could I possibly get more positive about my life?” Here’s a … Continue reading

You’re Spiritually Structured

If you’ve got a deteriorating joint, aching back or damaged bodily function, how you think about your body makes all the difference in how your body feels and functions. Here’s what I mean. Our human minds habitually think of our selves, our bodies, as physical structures, operating under the guidance … Continue reading

Making Your Diet Work

The basic problem with dieting is our appetite…right? We get the munchies, go back for an extra portion, or supersize a #4 with extra cheese. Excessive appetite urges us to eat more than is necessary to sustain an appropriate body weight or waist. In her book Science and Health with … Continue reading

Spiritualizzzze & Feel Better!

It’s now mainstream: spiritualizing your consciousness has an immediate, positive effect on your health, happiness and well-being. What does “spiritualize” mean? How do you do it? One answer is that “spiritualizing” means to make our thinking and feeling express more of the qualities, character, movement, energy and activity of Spirit. … Continue reading

GET BLESSED– Practice Gratitude

You’ve GOT to try this. It’s simple, transforming and gets results. A couple of months ago, our son Chris (check out his hilarious on-the-road blog) started doing something every night before bed. He journals three things from the day that he’s grateful for. Three. Every night. Without fail. I love … Continue reading

Expand Your Possibilities NOW

Feeling dead-ended, out of options, arrested in your development? This limited feeling is always related to limited perception, to thinking within the four-dimensional world of physical space and time. Now I’d like you to try expanding your perception. There are, right now, dimensions of YOUR life, being and perception that … Continue reading

Watching as a Spiritual Practice

The old saying, “What you don’t know can’t hurt you” is sooo wrong! Subconscious beliefs, operating unseen in our minds, do all sorts of destructive things. Like forgotten or semi-forgotten memories of mistreatment or abandonment that cause us to be angry, defensive or guilty without understanding why. We may think … Continue reading

Let Spirit Act on Your Consciousness

Acknowledge and enlist the energy– the focused, directive power– of the one, divine Mind, or infinite Spirit, acting on and within your consciousness right now. Feel Mind’s love calming your fears. Feel His confidence and control undermining your insecurity. Feel His harmony and order reigning-in your chaos and distraction. To … Continue reading

Relating to Spirit

No matter what needs healing in your life– health, relationship, finances– what you need in order to improve things is an improvement in your consciousness. This improvement could be a fuller capacity to love, or greater self-confidence, or maybe a little clearer grasp of harmony as it relates to a … Continue reading

Healthy Images

“Disease” usually means that bodily functions or cellular processes are behaving in confused, unregulated, or destructive ways. Perhaps unhealthy pathogens aren’t being clearly recognized or effectively neutralized. Or maybe healthy structures are being erroneously attacked by the body’s own immune system. Bodily processes are ultimately regulated by our perception, which … Continue reading

Death is Transition, not End

The death of someone you love is one of the darkest hours of life. Their life is just done? That’s all there is to it? And what about me? Losing a family member or close friend feels worse than losing your arm. Grieving about losing someone you love is normal … Continue reading


Loving yourself more actively helps resolve all sorts of problems. It contributes to healing any disease, whether physical or emotional. You don’t need a logical human reason to love yourself. You’re entitled to do it because it’s your Source’s nature to love. Because of this nature, Mary Baker Eddy uses … Continue reading

Healing Undefined Anxieties & Insecurities

Sometimes just turning your thoughts and feelings over to the divine Mind and drawing on His positive, intelligent energy is enough to remove emotional discomfort that has no evident cause. If this spiritual practice isn’t relieving you of what you’re feeling today, take another step. Recognize that most of the … Continue reading

More Obedient = More Productive

The little partnership that had employed me suddenly dissolved. Our cash flow was getting tight. How would I support my wife and three young children? What seemed to complicate everything was that I’d left well-paid, high-benefits corporate management to be in this new venture. My wife and I had felt … Continue reading

There’s ALWAYS a Next Step

You’ve prayed, meditated, listened and walked-your-talk. But the problem you’re trying to solve seems as big as ever. What can you do? There’s always a next step. Always, always, always…because Spirit is infinite. She isn’t facing the limits you’re feeling. She’s already completely outside of and beyond your current problem. … Continue reading

Negotiating with Spirit

Business meetings, job interviews, health care appointments, sales calls– these negotiations sometimes produce stress for most of us. Will I feel pressured? Will the outcome be positive? Negotiation outcomes depend heavily upon the perspective that YOU bring to it. Why? Your perspective influences your behavior, emotions, and the energy you … Continue reading

Always a Way to Move Forward

Have you been feeling discouraged? Trying to spiritually heal a part of your life– maybe a chronic illness, an addiction or bad habit, or a relationship with a family member or friend– and feeling “stuck”? Here’s an idea to use right now. At least five times today, take a minute … Continue reading

Spiritual Reconstruction

Really important things can get injured, worn out or broken– —things like relationships, finances, and bodily organs/functions. Lucky for all of us, appropriate spiritual practices stimulate reconstruction in these areas. These practices are based on one key fact– —that infinite Spirit is producing spiritual images, ideas, qualities, feelings and capacities … Continue reading

Activism and Spiritual Practices

Yep…the world has a lot of craziness in it! Environmental destruction, terrorism, religious strife, third world genocide, nature’s extremes made disasters by poverty. The only way to feel truly at peace about the threats we face as a species is to make a personal commitment to become part of a … Continue reading

Getting What You’re Entitled To

You’re entitled to a lot….like health and well-being, emotionally and physically….like purposeful, interesting and rewarding work….like productive, progressive relationships….like sufficiency of food, clothes and housing. The reason you’re entitled to these is that divine Spirit is your source. So to experience greater sufficiency in these areas, try practicing a more … Continue reading

Quicker Injury Recoveries

If you’re suffering from an injury, like a sports injury or an accident, why don’t you try using your spirituality to improve your recovery? Spirituality should be part of your rehab, because physical injury has mental components that slow down recovery. Like the fear part. The discouragement part. The feeling … Continue reading

Build Up Your Immunity

One of the best things you can do to stay healthier is strengthening your immune system. If you’re looking for more ways to do this, here’s an idea: regularly practice spiritual qualities like joy, gratitude and love. By “regularly practice” I mean embracing and expressing these qualities intentionally & creatively … Continue reading

Feel Spirit’s Delight

There are lots of times when it’s appropriate, necessary and healing to feel Spirit’s delight– including her specific delight with you. Spirit is all-intelligent Love, which has created you in his/her own image and likeness. This infinite being knows you in detail, just as she created you. She formed your … Continue reading

Influence Your Mind & Body with Your Spirituality

When we’re sick or depressed, we usually feel like victims of the body or of some organ–heart, brain, muscle, etc. Biologically, the immediate direction of body parts and functions comes from electro-chemical signals occurring at the cellular level. But many scientists feel that these signals are ultimately driven by perception. … Continue reading