More Authority over Your Mind

Do you sometimes feel trapped by intrusive or habitual thoughts, emotions, images? If you’ve tried changing your mind from the inside, try this practice of exercising authority over it from the outside. Like a sculptor. Picture in your mind how sculptors work– they move and chisel outside and above the … Continue reading

Bring Spirit’s Regulation to Your Body

Is a particular function or part of your body giving you problems? Recognize that, even though the human mind sees these bodily functions as physical, God, the divine Mind, sees them as spiritual qualities, capacities or functions. And His government of that function is an active, intelligent energy that you … Continue reading

A New Relationship with Your Body

Feeling like a prisoner in your body? We generally entertain the perception that we live IN–inside of–our bodies. The problem with this perception is that when we feel “in” something, we also tend to feel that it controls us. Here’s a way to start reversing this perception today…and improving your health! … Continue reading

Energize Your Employment

Feeling isolated or stagnant? Remember this: you’re an active element of a system—a connected, moving symphony of spiritual individuals, acting in concerted purpose. The creative, energizing intelligence of this system is infinite Spirit, the divine Mind. It is already a spiritual fact that you are connected, needed, in-demand, fulfilling a … Continue reading

Learn to Master Your Body through Spirituality

Your feelings, thoughts, beliefs, assumptions, emotions and expectations literally steer your body. Every cell, organ and function, every chemical or electrical communication is informed and instructed by your consciousness. So use this power to bless yourself by practicing Spirit-consciousness! Right at this moment, infinite, intelligent Love, God, is giving you … Continue reading

Making Peace in Yourself

Many types of disease represent conflicts within the body—malignant cells, attacking viruses, over-reacting immune responses. Here’s a spiritual practice that can be part of calming and healing these conflict-based diseases (as well as other kinds of conflict in life!). Jesus said that we’d be happy/prosperous/well if we act as “peace-makers”— … Continue reading

Everything Can Get Better

The situation you’re in today can be improved and transformed into a blessing. The physical or emotional disease that you or a loved one are experiencing can be relieved and healed. Why?Because you’re surrounded by infinite, all-powerful, beneficent Spirit. Spirit’s intention for you is all and only good, loving and … Continue reading

Spiritual Energy for Abundant Employment

Here are three spiritual facts to consider if you’re unemployed, underemployed, lacking clients–or worried about the possibility of any of these. A spiritual fact is something that infinite Spirit already knows with specificity, certainty and energy. Practice these facts in your mind during the day today. Acknowledge their truth, receive … Continue reading

Re-direct Your Mind and Body with Love

Whether a disease is psychological or physical, its effect on us has to do with some function of the body being mis-directed. Auto-immune disorders, clinical depression and cancer are all examples of a bodily system—the immune system, brain or cells–being improperly directed or governed. You can change physiological mis-direction with … Continue reading

Spiritual Practices Help Resolve Legal Problems

If you or someone you care about is a subject of legal proceedings, what’s in your/their consciousness is a primary determinant of the outcome. How so? Consciousness determines how we respond to adversarial situations, such as legal accusation, investigation or trial. And the more constructive our responses (in emotion, intention, … Continue reading

Your Spiritual Power to Let Go

When you’re struggling with a disease, a challenging relationship, or even a financial problem, it’s pretty easy to feel kind of helpless. Like some malicious power, or situation, or person, is taking advantage of you or hurting you. Try out this idea: the difficulty and harmfulness of the disease or … Continue reading

The Power of Your Thoughts

When it comes to doing good things with your life, and to keeping or restoring your health, remember that it is your thoughts—including attitudes, expectations, self-concepts, qualities of character, feelings, emotions—that ultimately determine your outcomes. What an incredible power! Each of us is learning more about this power and how … Continue reading

Spirit is Giving You What You Really Want

You’ve been created to be continuously blessed. Blessing means: to regard with great favor, to make happy or satisfied, to confer prosperity upon. It goes back to the nature of Spirit Himself/Herself as utterly good, abundant and embracingly kind. It also goes back to your true self, your inner spiritual … Continue reading

Mental Illness Healing Practices

Mental illnesses– depression, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, etc.– can feel pretty hopeless to those looking for healing through mental means. The human mind, or brain, itself seems like the problem– so how can the mind restore itself to balance? Here are two spiritual practices to improve mental health. First: all healing, … Continue reading

Practice FEELING Good

You already know that FEELING more connected with divine Love– not just in your intellect, but in your heart– will heal your illness, resolve your problem, or fill the void of emotional dysfunction. So how can you get that feeling? One way is to PRACTICE it. You’re actually capable of … Continue reading

One Way to Stop Suffering

When we’re suffering, we see no end to our problem(s). They seem like mountains– imposing and immoveable. The most effective place to start alleviating the suffering is in our perception. For example, through fear, guilt, anger or frustration, we inadvertently amplify our problems and weaken our capacity to respond with … Continue reading

Redefine Your Mind

You already know that happiness, stress relief AND physical wellness result from changes in your mind. But how do you get free from the mind’s sick, repetitive, depressing or stressed patterns of thought and reaction? One way is to redefine what you think of as your mind. Our “mind” is … Continue reading

A Spiritual Practice: Tend Your Thoughts

Thinking that is balanced, joyful, grateful or loving improves emotional and physical health. It restores the immune system, reduces pain, and restores flexibility to muscles and joints. I can hear someone saying, “…but I feel miserable and victimized. How could I possibly get more positive about my life?” Here’s a … Continue reading

You’re Spiritually Structured

If you’ve got a deteriorating joint, aching back or damaged bodily function, how you think about your body makes all the difference in how your body feels and functions. Here’s what I mean. Our human minds habitually think of our selves, our bodies, as physical structures, operating under the guidance … Continue reading

Making Your Diet Work

The basic problem with dieting is our appetite…right? We get the munchies, go back for an extra portion, or supersize a #4 with extra cheese. Excessive appetite urges us to eat more than is necessary to sustain an appropriate body weight or waist. In her book Science and Health with … Continue reading

Spiritualizzzze & Feel Better!

It’s now mainstream: spiritualizing your consciousness has an immediate, positive effect on your health, happiness and well-being. What does “spiritualize” mean? How do you do it? One answer is that “spiritualizing” means to make our thinking and feeling express more of the qualities, character, movement, energy and activity of Spirit. … Continue reading

GET BLESSED– Practice Gratitude

You’ve GOT to try this. It’s simple, transforming and gets results. A couple of months ago, our son Chris (check out his hilarious on-the-road blog) started doing something every night before bed. He journals three things from the day that he’s grateful for. Three. Every night. Without fail. I love … Continue reading

Expand Your Possibilities NOW

Feeling dead-ended, out of options, arrested in your development? This limited feeling is always related to limited perception, to thinking within the four-dimensional world of physical space and time. Now I’d like you to try expanding your perception. There are, right now, dimensions of YOUR life, being and perception that … Continue reading

Watching as a Spiritual Practice

The old saying, “What you don’t know can’t hurt you” is sooo wrong! Subconscious beliefs, operating unseen in our minds, do all sorts of destructive things. Like forgotten or semi-forgotten memories of mistreatment or abandonment that cause us to be angry, defensive or guilty without understanding why. We may think … Continue reading

Let Spirit Act on Your Consciousness

Acknowledge and enlist the energy– the focused, directive power– of the one, divine Mind, or infinite Spirit, acting on and within your consciousness right now. Feel Mind’s love calming your fears. Feel His confidence and control undermining your insecurity. Feel His harmony and order reigning-in your chaos and distraction. To … Continue reading