Loving yourself more actively helps resolve all sorts of problems. It contributes to healing any disease, whether physical or emotional. You don’t need a logical human reason to love yourself. You’re entitled to do it because it’s your Source’s nature to love. Because of this nature, Mary Baker Eddy uses … Continue reading

Healing Undefined Anxieties & Insecurities

Sometimes just turning your thoughts and feelings over to the divine Mind and drawing on His positive, intelligent energy is enough to remove emotional discomfort that has no evident cause. If this spiritual practice isn’t relieving you of what you’re feeling today, take another step. Recognize that most of the … Continue reading

More Obedient = More Productive

The little partnership that had employed me suddenly dissolved. Our cash flow was getting tight. How would I support my wife and three young children? What seemed to complicate everything was that I’d left well-paid, high-benefits corporate management to be in this new venture. My wife and I had felt … Continue reading

There’s ALWAYS a Next Step

You’ve prayed, meditated, listened and walked-your-talk. But the problem you’re trying to solve seems as big as ever. What can you do? There’s always a next step. Always, always, always…because Spirit is infinite. She isn’t facing the limits you’re feeling. She’s already completely outside of and beyond your current problem. … Continue reading

Negotiating with Spirit

Business meetings, job interviews, health care appointments, sales calls– these negotiations sometimes produce stress for most of us. Will I feel pressured? Will the outcome be positive? Negotiation outcomes depend heavily upon the perspective that YOU bring to it. Why? Your perspective influences your behavior, emotions, and the energy you … Continue reading

Always a Way to Move Forward

Have you been feeling discouraged? Trying to spiritually heal a part of your life– maybe a chronic illness, an addiction or bad habit, or a relationship with a family member or friend– and feeling “stuck”? Here’s an idea to use right now. At least five times today, take a minute … Continue reading

Spiritual Reconstruction

Really important things can get injured, worn out or broken– —things like relationships, finances, and bodily organs/functions. Lucky for all of us, appropriate spiritual practices stimulate reconstruction in these areas. These practices are based on one key fact– —that infinite Spirit is producing spiritual images, ideas, qualities, feelings and capacities … Continue reading

Activism and Spiritual Practices

Yep…the world has a lot of craziness in it! Environmental destruction, terrorism, religious strife, third world genocide, nature’s extremes made disasters by poverty. The only way to feel truly at peace about the threats we face as a species is to make a personal commitment to become part of a … Continue reading

Getting What You’re Entitled To

You’re entitled to a lot….like health and well-being, emotionally and physically….like purposeful, interesting and rewarding work….like productive, progressive relationships….like sufficiency of food, clothes and housing. The reason you’re entitled to these is that divine Spirit is your source. So to experience greater sufficiency in these areas, try practicing a more … Continue reading

Quicker Injury Recoveries

If you’re suffering from an injury, like a sports injury or an accident, why don’t you try using your spirituality to improve your recovery? Spirituality should be part of your rehab, because physical injury has mental components that slow down recovery. Like the fear part. The discouragement part. The feeling … Continue reading

Build Up Your Immunity

One of the best things you can do to stay healthier is strengthening your immune system. If you’re looking for more ways to do this, here’s an idea: regularly practice spiritual qualities like joy, gratitude and love. By “regularly practice” I mean embracing and expressing these qualities intentionally & creatively … Continue reading

Feel Spirit’s Delight

There are lots of times when it’s appropriate, necessary and healing to feel Spirit’s delight– including her specific delight with you. Spirit is all-intelligent Love, which has created you in his/her own image and likeness. This infinite being knows you in detail, just as she created you. She formed your … Continue reading

Influence Your Mind & Body with Your Spirituality

When we’re sick or depressed, we usually feel like victims of the body or of some organ–heart, brain, muscle, etc. Biologically, the immediate direction of body parts and functions comes from electro-chemical signals occurring at the cellular level. But many scientists feel that these signals are ultimately driven by perception. … Continue reading

***Employment Opportunity***

I’ve been unemployed or underemployed several times in my life. Getting successfully through these tough times is often about gaining the emotional stability necessary to be able to recognize & take advantage of employment opportunities that you might otherwise miss. And this means not getting lost in fear, shame, insecurity … Continue reading

More Self-Confidence

It creates happiness. It creates wonderful relationships. It creates career opportunities and fulfilling employment. And the lack of it often undermines all these. The “it” is confidence. You’re entitled to feel it because the infinite created you for its own self-expression. This infinite, or divine Love, is totally delighted with … Continue reading

Your Spirituality Isn’t Aging

OK, I don’t have a magical anti-aging formula, but I have found some ideas and practices that can help you a lot if you use them. They all involve improving–specifically, spiritualizing–the signals or instructions that your mind sends your body. This practice works because spirituality involves ageless energy, painless movement, … Continue reading

Spirituality Enhances Guidance for Today’s Decisions

Divine intelligence surrounds you and me. It’s insightful, penetrating, creative, specific, balanced, happy, beautiful, playful and all-knowing. I’m finding that when I consciously tune into this divine Mind when I’m making personal or business decisions, I get guidance that in some way embodies these awesome qualities. How does this work? … Continue reading

A Spiritual Practice for More Hope

Are you feeling hopeless, lost, or overwhelmed today? Maybe you’ve been sick for a long time, or a relationship with a friend or family member has hardened. Maybe your career is tanking, or maybe it’s the way the Middle East always seems to find a new turn for the worse. … Continue reading

Spirit-mind-body healing– Experiencing Positive Energy

“Spirit-mind-body healing” describes the links of causality in healing the body or the mind through spiritual means. It starts with infinite Spirit, spiritualizing the human mind and emotions, which results in physical healing. In my practice, I’ve found that the safest and most comprehensive way to beneficially affect the body … Continue reading

Don’t give up– Bad Days (even bad weeks & YEARS) Can Bless You!

Total catastrophe! Every possession lost. After 25 successful years in business, our life savings, the equity in our house and our three teenage sons’ college fund…gone. Even more hurtful, it was a theft– stolen through a fraudulent investment perpetrated by someone who we thought was a devoted, spiritually-minded friend! That … Continue reading

More Confidence about Your Health

When our body (or parts of it) is sick, it can be scary. Maybe you just got a medical diagnosis, or maybe you’re thinking about your cells, viruses or organs doing dysfunctional things or deteriorating. You’ll be less afraid if you meditate on the action of divine, infinite Love. Contemplate … Continue reading